A Tokenized Fund Focused on Private, Late-stage Technology Investments

Our Fund invests in late-stage, pre-IPO technology companies and is tokenized through a regulatory compliant, asset-backed, and tradeable security token, Silicon Valley Coin (SVC), to provide access to global investors.

We’re making it secure and easy to invest in the desirable, late-stage, technology asset class. Blockchain technology and digitized smart contracts are used to open this investment opportunity to permitted investors globally and democratize access.


The Fund combines a late-stage investment strategy, world-class service providers, a perpetual VC structure with tradeable interests, and the latest technology to achieve our objective.

Invest in our fund via the Silicon Valley Coin

Reg D 506c Offering. Must be a qualified purchaser in U.S. or permitted international investor.


Investment criteria

Global Indices IRR 10-Year Average

The Fund targets companies in their hyper growth phase and will aim to provide permitted investors with higher returns and lower risks over a shorter investment period than traditional venture capital funds.

Our strategy and stakeholder ecosystem aims to provide 30%+ IRR target returns from investing in late-stage technology companies.

Source: Cambridge Associates. Average IRR for the indices, as of September 30, 2018 represents vintage years 2007-2016. Internal rates of returns are net of fees, expenses, and carried interest. Only a portion of the indices representing venture capital investments reflect the results of late-stage venture investments, and no inference should be taken that the Fund’s performance will correlate to performance of these indices.

The Fund plans to target companies that generally meet the following criteria:

Raised at least two rounds of institutional funding from established venture capital firms

An enterprise value of at least $1 billion dollars

A potential for
a near-term exit.

 Overcome traditional investment obstacles

Several key issues prevent traditional fund investors from taking advantage of opportunities to buy into late-stage, high-growth tech ventures.

The most important are:


Availability of


Long Holding Periods +

Limited Liquidity




Our objective is to provide permitted investors with significant capital appreciation over the course of twenty four to fourty eight months, the timeframe our research has concluded maximizes return on investment (“ROI”) for late-stage investments.

Reg D 506c Offering. Must be a qualified purchaser in U.S.
or permitted international investor.


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